Elise Sharum

Business Development Associate
Bandera Electric Cooperative

Elise Sharum is a business developer for Bandera Electric Cooperative. BEC is an electric utility that serves the Texas Hill Country. The cooperative deploys photovoltaic systems and its own distributed energy management system, Apolloware. This innovative technology provides monitoring of current energy generation, real-time market pricing, and aggregated data analytics for the utility. In addition, BEC is building out its own fiber-optic network to provide access to an important commodity for its members that also facilitates grid communication to improve reliability and resilience.

Sharum started her career in renewable energy after teaching secondary science. She recognized that through this type of energy, our society will be able to improve and sustain our environment for today and posterity. She believes renewable energy provides an ancillary way to mitigate dependence on fossil fuels and has the potential to improve our international relationships, halt global warming, and reduce pollutants that pose health hazards. She takes on multiple roles at the utility with the purpose of increasing acceptance and deployment rate of offered innovative technology. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Public Administration and is a member of the Junior League of San Antonio.