Jeremy Adelman

Utility Strategist | Electric Vehicles & Emerging Technologies
Austin Energy

Jeremy Adelman, Utility Strategist for Electric Vehicles and Emerging Technologies at Austin Energy enables EV adoption and electrification in America’s fastest-growing big city. Jeremy brings to this role industry expertise centered on identifying and implementing sustainable business models and corporate innovation projects to address some of society’s most pressing energy related challenges.

For more than a decade, Jeremy has launched new companies and programs in electric utility and power industries. His work has supported traditional electric utilities to harness innovation to advance business strategies, and has guided young companies to raise investment capital to bring new, solutions-oriented products to market.

As a venture capitalist and founding member of Energy Foundry, Jeremy invested in and mentored startups with the best ideas for making grid modernization a reality. He led Smart Grid Cluster, the startup accelerator at the center of Chicago’s energy innovation ecosystem, which connected global corporations and national governments to support small businesses and commercialize research.

Jeremy was recently Co-Founder at ResilientGrid, whose transmission system monitoring software is used across the electric utility industry, and has been most notably deployed by NERC to monitor the North American bulk power system.