Lara Bonn

Director of Emerging Technology & Engineering
Efficiency Vermont

Lara Bonn is a manager in Efficiency Vermont’s strategy and planning group, but she is also the Strategic
Planning Manager for Efficient Products specifically. She designs the strategic vision for Efficiency
Vermont’s incentive and rebate programs for lighting, appliances, and consumer electronics
predominantly through the retail space. In this capacity, Lara has focused on advancing the engagement
of LED lighting from 2009 with the first downlights and L-prize support to the complex engagement
strategies that are being employed now. Part of that effort has included a smart home pilot on the
potential savings from smart LEDs. As a manager in the Strategy and Planning Group, she oversees the
strategic planners of Commercial New Construction, Residential New and Existing Homes, Agriculture,
and Hospitality markets. Prior to working for Efficiency Vermont, Lara worked as a consultant with
Optimal Energy and as a senior consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton working exclusively for the U.S.